Online Education - Allowing an online education business to increase customer engagement with customized password delivery to users, and payment walls that would contain premium content for paying users.
Finance - Providing modern branding for a startup finance company, and increasing online experiences of users which lead to improved click-through rates.

And More Industries

Real Estate - Teaming up with the Walton Supply team to provide real estate businesses the opportunity to increase customer engagement with customized search functionality, innovative filtering options, and a custom user interface.
Automotive - Providing a complete website redesign in lieu of  branding updates. Becoming the full-time front-end developer and designer to modernize the public facing site.

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Meet the Team

Our passion is helping companies grow, and having fun teaching other creatives how to do the same

Breanna Holman

I am a designer with a journalism background, which has allowed me the opportunity to explore a variety of design mediums. Growing into a marketing role at an agency where I honed my skills into more modern design aesthetics with logo design, branding and marketing.

Micah Johnson

I am a designer and proponent of modern design (less, but better), and I enjoy creating solution driven websites that push limits. If we can think it up, then let’s create something.

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