Webflow to the Rescue

Spoiler alert: my praises for Webflow are flowing throughout this article.

Remember the form I was speaking about yesterday. Yeah, the one stuck in the 90’s with the double gradient banner.

Well, after a little prodding, we are game to go with the new design that was presented yesterday.

There was a little push back, but it was due to content that I applied to the form that lead to confusion.

Note: don’t worry if your ducks aren’t in a row before presenting an idea. Remember, it’s an idea, not the final presentation

What’s even better than getting approval for the new design (I’m extremely geeked about the approval) is that the developer I am going to be working with felt okay with me implementing the design in Webflow, then handing him off the code.

Webflow lets you work with code visually, in a familiar UI

Webflow for the Win

If you haven’t noticed — I am a Webflow Stan, and will forever try to add it to every web design workflow that comes my way.

I have my top 5 reasons (John Moore Williams has even more):

1. Webflow lets you work with code visually, in a familiar UI

2. Webflow makes responsive design 10x easier

3. Webflow makes it way easier to illustrate your interaction ideas

4. Webflow bridges the design-development gap

5. Webflow bridges the design-content gap

Webflow, let me count the ways :-)

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