The First Shot

Spoiler alert: today was pretty epic for me.

As you read previously, I have been wanting to be a part of the Dribbble community for years. Wanting to just be a part of a thriving community that supports all of it’s users because everyone is there for the same reason — to get become better, creatively.

Today, was my first experience being a part of that community, and it was everything I thought it would be

Behind the Scenes

Creating my first shot for Dribbble wasn’t particularly easy for me. I didn’t know exactly how I wanted to present myself to this awesome community, but I did know that I wanted to integrate Webflow.

First, I researched a few shots in the “Debuts” category to get the best idea of what is popular for first shots.

Debuts is a stream of first shots from new Dribbblers. Only your very first shot will show up in the Debuts stream, so be thoughtful about your first impression.

Using Webflow has changed my career, and life — but I digress.

To Affinity and Beyond

Jumping straight into Affinity Designer — I began tinkering away with a layout. I quickly fell in love with a split layout that would highlight the major brand colors of Dribbble.

I then downloaded the assets from Dribbble which included the text logo and the iconic ball. Adding the Dribbble touch would fit in nicely with the current trend, but I definitely wanted to stand a part so I decided to complete all the interactions in Webflow.

Using Webflow has changed my career, and life — but I digress.

After completing the site and publishing the final changes to, I uploaded my screen at 3:24 am in preparation for my 6 am shot.

And it was everything that I imagined :-)

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