Oh man, I’m getting better!

Let’s jump into the Wayback Machine to take a look at my web design journey:

It all started with photography, honestly. I began tinkering with creating websites so that I could get paid to shoot. Back in 2008, I would offer web services to small businesses (businesses that either didn’t have a website, or their site was terrible by everyone’s standards), and I would bundle product photography or headshots for free. At the time, I was a much better photographer than web designer and Wix was my tool of choice (I feel bad just saying that). But, it worked. Most small businesses understood the importance of needing a web presence, but had a hard time buying into branding with photography.

“Amor fati” which means love one’s fate.

Ewww, Let’s Make This Better

Diving head-first opened my eyes to how terrible my websites were. I had no control over the presentation in mobile, and the layouts were just atrocious. This disgust lead me to dig deeper into what professional web designers were doing and using. I then upgraded to Dreamweaver, and began tinkering with templates from https://themeforest.net/

At this point, I began to understand how web designers would layout their content. I had an eye for it (that’s how I knew what I created was ugly), but the skills to implement better designs and layouts was still in the works.

Fast Forward

Okay, let’s fast forward Skipping a bunch of years of learning frameworks (Bootstrap & Foundation) and design tools (Photoshop, Illustrator, Affinity Designer) to get to today.

Today, I’m still learning. Still seeing how my designs need improvement, and realizing how much more I have to learn about web design thinking. But, what has exponentially in the past couple of months is my use of Webflow.

Using Webflow has helped me rethink how I layout content, how I create media queries, how I produce dynamic websites, and how I champion component-based design.

It’s not easy to look at what I thought at one point was a cool design I created, and then realizing how poorly executed it was. But, it’s worth it because I’m not going to stagnate here in my career.

Grateful & Honored

Here recently I learned a great Latin quote, “Amor fati” which means love one’s fate.

That quote speaks volumes to me because I may never create the prolific web consulting business, I may never be hired by Webflow, I may never be satisfied with my designs — but, I will love the journey.

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