How I Did Nothing to Seal the Deal

I try to stay in touch with past clients, as well as clients that I serve month-to-month. Our close relationship builds into something of a cohort, battling for the same business goals. Pushing for the same results. And as a result of us going into business battle together, I receive great web design/web development projects through word-of-mouth as my clients share their experiences. And that’s exactly what occurred two months ago when a friend of mine suggested I place a bid for a web design job for the Star-Telegram in Dallas. She was suggesting I place a bid as we had worked well together on web design projects, and she had an insider in regards to the new job.

A previous client will sell me to them far better than I could ever sell myself!

Spoiler alert

I won the job!

How I won the bid

After a series of introductory emails where pleasantries were exchanged, proposals and resumes provided, then a question was asked that I didn’t expect from a large, corporate client: “Would it be possible for you to provide me with a name and contact information for a reference that I could reach out to?”

I thought, this is awesome, as a previous client will sell me to them far better than I could ever sell myself! I was so ecstatic about the opportunity, and quickly reached out to a long time client if it would be okay that I share their information to be contacted. Oh my, and they were thrilled with the opportunity to help me after we’ve had such a good working relationship.

A previous client will sell me to them far better than I could ever sell myself!

Then, as previously noted, I received word that I won the bid, but what was more surprising was that they said I won the bid because of the testimonial. Not because my bid was less than the competitors, or my proposal was more comprehensive, but because of the testimonial. They said, “Your client couldn’t stop gushing about you.”

That meant the world to me, and that’s what my service (at it’s best) is all about.

Note to self

It’s better when satisfied clients talk for you to others, than for you to talk about yourself.

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