Even More UI

Today was an amazing day. Challenging, but amazing none the less.

Today, I was able to step away from a few of my tedious tasks of moving content over to our staging environment for Hunter Engineering’s new site, and I was able to work on the UI of a dashboard and a form.

The dashboard was created with functionality in mind, while usability and aesthetics were left in the dust. But, that’s what makes me excited about these opportunities is because I am at the point in my career where I can see opportunities for improvement.

My initial thought was getting a better grasp of what the app did, and what problems it solved. Sitting down with some of the developers and stakeholders, even just briefly, helped immensely as I could peak into their thinking.

The most important aspect of the design is to create reusable elements that can be sustainable.

Collaborate to Clean it Up

As mentioned earlier, I’ve got to collaborate with folks here at Hunter — mainly because I am playing catch-up with a lot of the layouts. With that said, they are always willing to answer any questions I may have.

Normally, Drew helps me with any questions, and today was no different. He walked me through some of the flow of the app which ultimately stopped me from making a big mistake. My initial thoughts for the re-design were somewhat off because I was on the outside looking in. After walking through some the functionality — I was able to make better “guesses” of what an improved flow would be.

The most important aspect of the design is to create reusable elements that can be sustainable.

Work In Progress, But It’s Progress

I love these opportunities and it’s just too cool that I get the chance to even make an impact on people with me designs.

What’s even more cool is when I get complete control — Design to Implementation. Luckily, the form request will be just that. Affinity Designer to Webflow to development. My favorite :-)

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